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December 30th, Reads Landing Eagles

Posted on December 30th, 2007 by Chris White.
Categories: Photography.

I drove to Redwing, MN today, taking 61 South. I spotted my first Eagle in Red Wing, another one near Frontenac, more in Lake City, a couple in Wabasha (but, I did’nt hunt real hard in Wabasha). I found a spot right along 61 near Reads Landing where I spotted a bunch of them on the far side of the River but, given thier were 9 of them I thought this was where I was going to see the most action. It was very hazy, almost foggy, and the Eagles were about 250 yards away using a 200mm lens, these are crops obviously.


I was shooting at 200mm, just to give an idea of the distance these Eagles were along with the haze present, here’s an uncropped version shot at 70mm (112mm 35mm full frame equiv). 7 Eagles are sitting on the far bank.


They mostly sat on the far bank and looked for fish about 10-20 feet out. I hope to return soon and get some closer shots, and perhaps bring some larger lenses just in case (388mm/f5.9 APO Doublet).

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