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July 1st, 2011 Redwood Falls, MN | The Suck Zone

July 1st, 2011 Redwood Falls, MN

Posted on July 2nd, 2011 by Chris White.
Categories: Chase Reports.

This was kind of a last minute sort of thing.  I gave a heads up at work the prior day I might take a half day vacation to go chasing.  Anyhow I pulled the trigger a bit after 3pm as I had been watching first HCR’s develop in SD into MN, some convection on-going in South Dakota moving towards SE Minnesota.  Boundries were a bit odd through the day more so as the systems built and swept across Minnesota rather quickly.  I hit the road a bit after 3 running South on 169 crossing over to Minnesota River in Henderson (Cty 19 River crossing through the MN River Valley) wanting to avoid the huge 212 road resurfacing project with the ultimate intercept point at Redwood Falls via 19.  I will tell you right now as the system was moving into Redwood Falls no way was I going to cross into the River Valley via 19 and never quite made it.

Fullscreen capture 712011 92605 PM

Reports out of the skywarn repeater were basically straight line wind damage.  We waited for the system between Morton and Franklin being met with an un-impressive looking shelf followed by a gust front on the Southern end of the system.  We proceeded to Hector from Franklin encountering some straight line wind damage/obstacles along the way.


Once we made it to Franklin we encountered this, a silo crushed like a soda can with some damage to the one right next to it (looked more like something struck it).


Anyhow just up on the corner was a gas station, we decided to make a quick stop.  We spoke to some of the locals I don’t recall getting any information rather than giving it.  On the way out a couple who had packed up their 5th wheeler was parked next to us from Sleepy Eye planning on hitting Pipestone for the weekend was staring at his now empty bruised and broken pickup.  It was sheared off as the storm passed, we found it up the road a ways here;


It would be a while before he would be able to recover it.

Dean B was still sitting in his car, we exchanged some greetings, info, and strategy then off for a ‘break’ at the powerless gas station(that was interesting, I even washed my hands).  We said a few more words to Dean and headed off following the Southernmost portion of the storm.  Quite the line was forming behind us that would eventually hit my house in the Southern Suburbs of the Twin Cities metro.  We headed North 212 was looking really nice repaved but, was still closed, we passed the 5th wheeler, an overturned semi blown over by straight line winds and some random which appeared to be non linear damage (sheet metal twisted, but, no damage path as if it dropped out of the sky).


We saw tons of trees snapped off and mangled on our way to Hutchinson following the line. Not much better their.


We fell behind the line that we were chasing with the line behind us speeding up.  We figured we would head home and see if that had a nice shelf.  We went back on 7 to 41 to 5, to 494, to Normandale(Hwy 100).  We caught some glimpses of the shelf in Chanhassen but, setup in a parking structure for the shelf as it entered Bloomington.


I captured quite a few of these including some bracketed shots which will be fun to play with someday.  All in all a good close to home quick chase with minimal vacation time spent.  No major structure observed except for the shelf’s.  It was actually kind of blah-ish for the most part except for the shelfs and high winds during the first gust front (50+), Bloomingtons winds were far less.

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